I am Justin Borders


Name: Justin Borders

Profile: Full Stack Software Engineer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (270) 584-5934


School: The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Major: B.S. Computer Science

Graduation: April 2022

About me

I'm a dedicated software engineer, recognized for developing innovative and practical solutions. I prioritize creating user-friendly applications that exceed expectations, with a strong focus on problem-solving.

As an Integration Engineer at Medaxion, I optimize healthcare data pipelines, enhancing data accuracy and interoperability. I conduct thorough testing and validation of healthcare data integrations, ensuring the secure and efficient exchange of sensitive medical information in compliance with HIPAA regulations. My work involves collaborating with healthcare professionals and stakeholders to implement tailored healthcare data solutions.

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Here's some of my skills





Web Development

Project Management

Dwight Schrute

"Your technical prowess is truly impressive! Your attention to detail and problem-solving skills are akin to a perfectly executed beet harvest. Your commitment to excellence is evident, and I applaud your dedication to mastering your craft. If I were forming an elite task force for handling complex tech challenges, you would be my first recruit. Schrute-approved"

Bertram Gilfoyle

"Your technical abilities are like a finely crafted piece of code – elegant, efficient, and virtually flawless. It's clear that you possess a deep understanding of the digital realm and a knack for turning complex challenges into elegant solutions. In a world of subpar coding practices, you stand out as a true virtuoso. If I were assigning a score, it would be a solid 0x10 – a perfect execution in hexadecimal terms."


Here's some of my best work.


Integration Engineer / October 2023 - Current

Brock Solutions

Software Integration Engineer / June 2022 - September 2023

The Melendez Real Estate Group LLC

Web Design / Feb 2023

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Research Intern / May 2019 - August 2019